Tea utensils

The founder / former president of our company, Fukyusai Takano Tadao's wishes and skills are taken over by our current craftsmen creating the finest tea utensils not only in bamboo but also using other natural materials. 

弊社の創業者で先代社長の不窮斎 高野忠男の遺志と技術は脈々と後人の職人に受け継がれ、現在も弊社は竹に限らず新たな自然素材に取り組み、上質な茶道具作りを続けています。 


Old materials 

We have established deep connections with many temples through making tea utensils for a long time. This fortune allows us to make products using those temple's old building materials which are classified as national treasure or World Heritage Site.




“te.iku” is a brand produced by Takano Chikko. which creates various articles with bamboo or wood. The concept of the brand is to create products which may maximize the charm of materials, such as bamboo or wood, by respecting their characteristics.

te.iku とは、京都において茶道具の製造を中心に展開する高野竹工が開発したブランドです。テイクでは竹と木の特性を活かしながら、その素材に最も適したモノを作り出すことが重要だと考えます。